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For more than a decade, Udanayoga has been guiding and nurturing students to unfold their spiritual self through a life led by simplicity, compassion and service. We are a team of spiritually focused individuals holding deep respect and admiration for the timeless practice of yoga. Focused on its authentic propagation, our programs are meticulously crafted to give you the authentic taste of yoga.

We have an inspiring team of yoga teachers, ever-willing to share their vast pool of knowledge and unique viewpoints with our students. Apart from the theoretical and practical teachings, We will guide you to open up fully to life on all levels – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

Our education model is hands on, deeply experiential and cooperative. It would be a comprehensive learning experience that will turn you into a proper yoga practitioner and not just a yoga teacher.

For years, we have been making impactful changes in the lives of people through our programs like yoga teacher training in Bali. We feel honored and grateful as we continue to support people on their quest for true liberation and realization.

We welcome all to bring their unabashed, true self to us and leave the school with practical tools to balance their lives as well as the lives of others.

Udana  Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali

Our Yoga TTC is all about exploring the ancient techniques and applying them to modern challenges.

You will learn alignments and adjustments and will learn all about correcting your body postures and movements

Listen, understand, practice, experience, and express to share or teach.

These are the main things one should consider to become the best yoga teacher.

The main part of professionalism is confidence and in this one month, you will be taught in this way that you will automatically gain confidence. Each and every sect of yoga will be explained to you so that you can have logical reasoning for doing any certain yoga asana and other related practices

Yoga is more than a class or a training
  it’s a way of life.

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Experience a yoga studio that captures the enchantment of Bali with a foundation built in tradition and authenticity.

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